Why Do I Do It?

When I was much younger, I wanted to be professional soccer player. My favorite team was the now defunct Pittsburgh Spirit. I loved going out in the yard and kicking my soccer ball all around the grass. I imagined myself scoring the winning goal in the championship game. I loved it so much that I joined up for my school team. As it turned out, the talent I had in the yard against invisible competitors didn’t carry over to the field when the action was live and the people real. Never mind… Read More

Writing for children can’t be that hard. Right? Wrong. @zbsdaddy

I loved the holidays as a kid, but even more so, I loved the holiday characters that came along with the special day. My favorite was the Easter Bunny. That rabbit had it the toughest in my mind. I mean, Santa Claus did amazing things, but let’s face it. He had a magical sled pulled by magical reindeer to help get the job done. And it wasn’t like he delivered to every child; he had his naughty and nice list after all. All that poor rabbit had were two, small feet and the burden… Read More

When Success Doesn’t Look Like Your Writing Dream

When Success Doesn’t Look Like Your Writing Dream by Kimberly Mitchell/@KSMitch17 2014 was a tough year for me as a writer. I had a manuscript I had a lot of confidence in and delivered it to my agent early in the year. She loved it and immediately sent it out. I felt like I was walking around with my fingers crossed for months, waiting for an offer. And waiting. And waiting. And then rejections and more waiting. Writers know we’ll encounter rejection. We know it’s all part of the process of honing… Read More

The Truth About Rejection: It Happens

“The road to publication is long and fraught with frustration.” –Virgil Suarez This was what the award-winning poet and writer said to me 15 years ago when I had just finished my first full-length manuscript and was beginning to query agents. Poor guy, I thought, life has really put him through the ringer. For me, things would be different. Getting published would be simple: send out my query letter to a handful of agents, receive an immediate and overwhelming clamor for representation. Pitch that puppy and let the bidding wars begin. Ha!… Read More

Eating Peaches and Riding Unicorns

So if you read my first post last week, you know that I’m interested in talking about the guts and the glory of being a writer of YA fiction. Hell, being a writer PERIOD!

I am here this week to talk about the guts…the pain…the struggle. The depression.