Young adult author of grounded sci-fi, contemporary fantasy and mental health issues. THE SHADOW KEEPERS (summer 2019): 16 year old Georgia Boone was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and OCD, six years ago. The medication hasn’t helped and she still sees the spooky, crow-like shadow creatures in every reflective surface. After a violent incident involving a broken mirror and a shop assistant, Georgia is committed to a famous mental hospital to gain control over her condition. But Georgia knows the shadows are real, and she knows its only a matter of time before they come for her. Her only hope is Elijah, the boy in the mirror world, who might know more than she does. Together, they must find allies and stop the shadow creatures before they breach the human world, before it’s too late. THE UNADJUSTEDS (AuTumn 2019): Sixteen-year old Silver Melody lives in a world where 80% of the population have modified their DNA. Otherwise known as the superfreaks, people now possess wings, tails, increased strength or intelligence, to name a few. Although her parents are the scientific creators of the nanite pill – the method used to deliver these genetic modifications – Silver is proud of her unadjusted state. When the President declares all unadjusteds must take a nanite pill, Silver has no choice but to flee the city with her father and a group of friends (insert love triangle here) to prevent the extinction of the unadjusteds. With her mother in prison for treason, her father is their only hope at finding a cure. But time is running out. When Silver’s father is captured by the president’s almost immortal army, all hope seems lost. Vicious hellhounds are on her trail and Silver’s only chance to get him back is to team up with a new group of unlikely friends to rescue him before all humanity is lost. With the pace of the Divergent series and the superhuman powers of Heroes, The Unadjusteds pushes the human race beyond its evolutionary boundaries – with dire consequences. For fan’s of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games, Veronica Roth’s Divergent series.

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