Why Do You Write?

NYT Bestselling and beloved author, Rick Riordan said, “We write, I hope, because we have a story to tell. How easy it is to lose sight of that, but the goal of writing is telling a good story.”

Remember Why You Write

I love what Rick said: we have a story to tell. Simple but true. It is important to remind yourself why you write as you draft, revise, and query.

Ground yourself in the truth of this: you love to write. There is a reason you chose to step foot into this journey.

Remember why you love to write. Is it the pure joy you feel as you’re scribbling away at a dimly lit coffee shop? Sipping the last bit of your cold coffee as you finish that scene you’ve been dreaming about for years?

Is it the challenge of crafting a unique fantastical world? With characters on emotional and physical journeys that make your heart race?

Do you write because you must? Because there is an itch in your heart that propels you forward?

Friends, during the fifth rewrite or intimidating first draft, try and pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath and recall why you write. Let your passion gently nudge you forward.

You never know what’s around the corner.

The Journey Is Ongoing

It’s easy to lose focus when you are striving toward a goal like publishing a novel. It promises heartbreak, exhaustion, and fear. You also may experience joy and excitement. The journey does not end when you get a literary agent or even a publisher.

There have been lots of authors sharing their experience in today’s publishing world. They said the most significant thing you have control over is what you write.

It sounds like we should focus on becoming a better writer, studying the craft, and reading as much as we can.

And remembering what catapulted us on this journey in the first place. Happy writing, friends! If you’re writing during NaNoWriMo, add me as a buddy!

Until next time,


2A82EEF6-4445-41E3-A418-6802BA352F11Loie Dunn is a YA fantasy writer. She was Amber R. Duell and MB Dalto’s mentee for the 2018 #WriteMentor program. Having traveled extensively in her early twenties, Loie resides in eastern Canada now. She tutors students in English and is a full-time content writer. Thankfully, she gets to travel in her books. Please visit her at loiedunn.wordpress.com and on Twitter: @loiedunn. She loves to meet fellow writers and connect with them.

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